GAO – Troubled Teen Industry Hearing – 2008

Government Accountability Office – Federal Investigation

Widespread allegations of abuse spurred a federal investigation by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the investigative arm of Congress, and Congressional hearings in October 2007 and April 2008 and resulted in the proposal of H.R. 5876 – Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs, later H.R. 911 and now HR 3126 and S 1667.

CAFETY- On Residential Treatment – The Problem

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3 Responses to “GAO – Troubled Teen Industry Hearing – 2008”

  1. 10 Most important sections of the 2008 Congressional Hearings pertaining to Child Abuse and Deceptive Marketing Practices by Residential Programs for Teens.

    George Miller and the Committee of Education and Labor investigate thousands of allegations of abuse and death in residential programs for teens.

    Sections and their topic:

    1. George Miller outraged
    2. McCarthy explains pushback.
    3. McKeon “So Murder is Okay Now?”
    4. How many and what type of programs.
    5. Students abuse and torture other students.
    6. Staff instruct kids to abuse other kids.
    7. Brainwashing.
    8. Torture.
    9. Fraud and Deceptive Marketing Practices.
    10. Desperate Parents.

  2. Thank You for making these videos Tony! What a great resource for those who may not understand the gravity of the issues that plague the troubled teen industry.


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