This Week in the Troubled Teen Scam…

This week in the Troubled Teen Scam things have been a happening..


Youth Foundation Success Academy  pervert Brown was  sentenced to a slap on the rist of 120 days in jail for sharing pornographic pictures of himself with detained youth.

Read more about it here:–Homemade-Porn-Group-Home

The question asked by a member of the anti-abuse movement rings true to our ears, did this depraved man at least earn a place on the sex offender registry?


Anonymous, the online hacktivist collective, reportedly got so bored with animated gifs of cats that they deemed it worth their time to go after Logan River Academy.

Read more about this here:

This follows the founding of this new site:

The Shut Down Logan River website presents the standard fare for anti-abuse websites, minus the about us section. From what I understand, and my knowledge may well be flawed, a sibling of a Logan River detainee took offense at their sibling being tossed into a shark tank of deprivation and inhumanity (shark tank = Logan River). What started as a petition, turned social media frenzy has led to the brother to be removed from Logan River.

That’s always good news, best of luck the Shut Down Logan River group.

Please sign the petition here: Logan River Academy – Stop Using Solitary Confinement!


Let us go to the Foundation Family School for our final stop in this grotesque tour. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Family Foundation School, I direct your attention to the testimonial pages on the


What makes the Family Foundation School a topic of interest for this specific and one of many  organ of the anti-abuse movement? The Family Foundation School went scampering, like a dog with its tail tucked between its legs, to the hopefully safe confines of a new name. That’s right, they changed their name to dodge out on the reams of  bad publicity being kicked up by the very same young men and women they abused.

I present to you Allynwood Academy, the new mask of Family Foundation School. The name change was announced on October the 4th on the on struggling teens dot com (shill rag produced by enemy of children everywhere Lon “The Tool” Woodsbury). Technically this is not news for this week in the troubled teen industry, but I just learned of it yesterday and feel it is well work mentioning.

Any reports on this old school with a new name are of great interest to the troubledprograms site, please forward them.


If you can think of something worth mentioning please send me an email. I’ll be happy to post it. The above events are mere a drop in the bucket for the abuse, the fraud, and the pain being heaped on young men and women each and every single day in so called treatment programs across the world.


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